Lighting for the Garage

Are Low Light Levels Affecting Your Productivity ?

Chances are, the lighting in your garage isn’t what you’d like it to be. Not only can low light levels be a potential hazard, it also destroys your ability to be productive. Whether you’re parking your car or running your side hustle, we have the perfect light for your situation.

48” T8 LED Tubes

These T8 LED tubes are great for replacing old T12 and T8 Fluorescent tubes that flicker, buzz and aren’t as bright as they used to be. These plug and play tubes work with electronic ballasts and can also be direct wired. These are perfect for workbenches, and standard length fluorescent fixtures.


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A19 Bulbs

Perfect for trouble lights, task lighting and saving energy in the garage. These 9w LED replacement bulbs are an easy replacement for standard incandescent bulbs that will not only brighten your space, but lower your electricity bill too!



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The (Super Bright) Garage Light

This light is the best way to maximize the brightness in your space without the need of an electrician. Simply screw it into a standard light socket and increase your light levels by nearly 800%. It’s also adjustable, allowing you to concentrate the light where you need it most. View all the here


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Twist-in Ultra Bright LED – 45w – 6500K

Little brother to the Garage Light, it’s arms fold inward and allow you to focus an intense amount of light on your workspace. Like the Garage Light, it screws into a standard light socket and is perfect for both general and task lighting in your Garage, utility room, pantry, laundry room etc. View the

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