For healthy sleep choose the right lights to help promote healthy sleep

Light for healthy sleep?

Yes – you read that right

Our relationship with light is thousands of years old. Cues from traditional light sources like the sun and fire, “speak” to our bodies and tell them when certain processes should start/end. Digestion, mood, memory retention and sleep, are all regulated by the color and intensity of light. This system is referred to as “Circadian Rhythm”.

How does light affect sleep?

Like a giant alarm clock in the sky, blue light contained within sunlight prompts our bodies to decrease melatonin production and increase the secretion of cortisol. This increases alertness, and helped our ancestors be the hunters instead of the hunted.

Most people choose warm colored lights for their homes, so blue light isn’t an issue right?

Even “warm” lights can contain blue light

Most common light sources contain enough blue light to disrupt your circadian rhythm – The effect? Difficulty falling asleep quickly and maintaining a deep sleep throughout the night.

Bedtime Bulb has the lowest blue light emittance of any equivalent bulb, and was designed specifically with sleep in mind.


How does it work?

Bedtime Bulb can be used at any time of the day or night, but it was optimized for use in the final 3 hours of the evening, before going to sleep.

Simply use it in place of existing lighting for the last 1-3 hours of the day. When you are ready to sleep, turn off all lighting, including Bedtime Bulb.

About the founder

Greg Yeutter has an extensive background in lighting. In fact, “light” was his very first word. Since 2011, he has been obsessed with the problem of blue light interrupting sleep. After several ventures that were ahead of their time, Greg focused on a first-principles approach to the light and health problem.

Greg is obsessed with building healthy light solutions that are approachable—that people will actually use and love.

His passion is how we first discovered the Bedtime Bulb, and why we are proud to be Canada’s exclusive distributor.

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